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Survival Ideas for Post Peak Oil Situations

If we are to believe that the world will change in an instant the minute the world realizes that it's truly hit peak oil, then there are some things that you might want to consider and try to take care of now if you can. It's best to always try and prepare for the worst even if it doesn't end up happening.

One thing that some survivalists claim you really should think of doing is make sure now that where you live is secure. If you have a home with a yard make sure to put a security fence around it and have a good dog to be your watchdog. The first thing going to be attacked by those who never were quite lawful in the first place, is going to be where you live. It's also said you should spend some of your savings on security bars for your windows.

You should consider having some sort of backup power source. During a crisis the power grid that you are use to living with will become unreliable and there could be power outages all over the place and worse yet you may be only to have power certain times of the day. Getting a diesel generator is a good idea because you can stock pile up on diesel fuel because it's easier to store than other fuel. Understand you are going to need about 5000 watts to run appliances you are use to running. A better solution though than a generator would be installing some sort of solar power system and then you can implement a smaller generator to use as a backup.

Get a wood stove installed in your home or if you have a fireplace start getting use to using it. Not only can wood be burned in it for heat but you can also burn waste as long as you have the door closed on the stove and a glass cover for your fireplace. Just make sure that you have your own flue cleaning kit to keep your smokestack cleaned on a regular basis.

You can take your gutters and use them by diverting them into a 1000 gallon fiberglass tank and then use a solar panel and a demand pump used in Rvs for the plumbing in case city water gets interrupted. This could happen if cities go bankrupt and can't continue to make city repairs.

Should your yard be big enough you should start replacing all of your plants with edible plants and even if it's not still do your best to have planters and containers where you can grow your own vegetables as well as fruit. Vegetables to consider should be mustard greens, collard and kale, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, onions, herbs, melons, etc. Make sure to include at least one fruit tree. You also should start storing canned foods and dried foods up so that you can have some staples to go with those fresh veggies. Things like corned beef, evaporated milk, white and brown rice, beans, dried soups and a variety of freeze dried and dehydrated foods would be good too.

Learn how to sew again and get a good sewing machine and start saving a supply of material and sew accessories for it. You also want to make sure that you have a solar powered radio because that might be all the entertainment you'll be able to afford. Have plenty of vitamins and OTC pain relief and topical antibacterials, bandages and so on. Also, make sure to get a hold of some long range hand held radios so you can keep in touch with family, friends and neighbors.

In the end it will all come down to how prepared you are, how adaptable you are and if you can keep one step ahead of those who may want to take what you have.

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